History of KIN

A little history about KIN – In 1982 a few guys working in the club industry heard about a young local 12 year old boy who was seriously ill and his family were doing it hard. We got together to help this young guy fulfil some of his dreams and arranged a day with his mates at the local Theme Parks and also arranged for him to do laps with his hero, Peter Brock.

Sadly not much time later, this young man passed away.

We were then asked to help out some other kids in need in the local area. We arranged golf days, concerts and other events. Word got around and people started donating money to us because they knew we were giving every cent to the seriously ill children and their families, as is still the case today.

We are in our 39th year and proud of the charity we started all that time ago in 1982, which has grown into our wonderful local charity today.

Thank you to all the wonderful people and business’s over the past 39 years for your support and generosity.

Cheers Mick Lawson – KIN Former President and Lifelong Patron

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