About Us

Kids In Need Association (KIN) is a local charity that supports children with disabilities and serious illness in Northern NSW & Gold Coast.

Helping since 1982

KIN is is run by a small group of volunteers who raise funds through sponsorship and fundraising. We do not have a head office and therefore have minimal overheads. This means that all the funds we raise can go towards making life easier for many children and their families. KIN has been a very successful and much needed organisation in our local community.

How KIN helps

Established in 1982, KIN can provide people with disability access and connection to much needed services or resources in their communities.


Contributions – All supports are recommended by treating health professionals and requests are made based on individual needs. KIN often fills the gap in disability service provision, and is not intended to duplicate support which may be funded through other government systems (such as the National Disability Insurance Scheme).